Meet the Editorial Board – Andor Glaudemans

Andor Glaudemans is Associate Professor at the University of Groningen at the Department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging.


What is your special focus/expertise?
Nuclear medicine and hybrid imaging (PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MR) with special focus on infectious and inflammatory diseases, tumorimmunology and breast cancer.

How did you decide on your specialty?
I was intrigued by all the possibilities molecular imaging provides to image in details all types of diseases, to help in both diagnosis and therapy, to provide personalized medicine and to help to get a patient the best therapeutic options at the best time point.

What is your message to potential authors? Do you have any tips?
I would like to ask potential authors to give this new Journal a chance, since it is very important to widen our scope on imaging, to achieve better imaging possibilities, to make quantification and interpretation of all the imaging possible, and to provide by imaging the best care for patients. I expect this Journal to have a huge flight in the forthcoming years with a fast expected increase in impact factor.