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The European Society of Radiology has expanded its journal family: the new journal European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL will provide a forum for basic scientific discoveries, novel approaches and techniques in experimental settings, as an addition to the clinically relevant research published in European Radiology, and to the educational articles in Insights into Imaging.

European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL is an online gold open access journal, all articles are freely available on our publisher’s portal SpringerOpen.

A multiple classifier system to catalogue breast lesions on DCE-MRI

The authors provide a multiple classifier system (MCS) which combines morphological features and dynamic information for the categorisation of breast lesions on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI.

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A comparison of the size of the jugular foramina in MS patients and controls

Is there a connection between multiple sclerosis and reduced cerebral venous blood drainage? Read more about the results of comparing the size of the jugular foramina in patients with MS and in control subjects.

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How to transform an imaging technique into a clinically relevant imaging biomarker?

The starting point of this editorial is the current establishment of quantitative imaging biomarker. The author outlines the transformation of a good imaging technique into a clinically significant imaging biomarker using the example of arterial spin labelling.

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Direct portography and contrast-enhanced computed tomography: evaluating the rabbit liver

The authors of this study pursued two goals: the description of the incidence of anatomic variation of the portal system using direct portography and the estimation of the liver and caudate lobe volume by using contrast-enhanced computed tomography.

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In vitro labelling and detection of mesenchymal stromal cells: a comparison study

Is it possible to label, without altering cell viability, rat bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and perfluorocarbon nanuemulsion formulations?

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