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The European Society of Radiology has expanded its journal family: the new journal European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL will provide a forum for basic scientific discoveries, novel approaches and techniques in experimental settings, as an addition to the clinically relevant research published in European Radiology, and to the educational articles in Insights into Imaging.

European Radiology EXPERIMENTAL is an online gold open access journal, all articles are freely available on our publisher’s portal SpringerOpen.

Value of diffusion-weighted imaging for monitoring tissue change during magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy in bone applications: an ex-vivo study

This study aimed to investigate the value of DWI for monitoring soft tissue changes adjacent to bone during MR-guided HIFU. Using Sonalleve MR-guided HIFU system to perform ex-vivo experiments, the authors assessed the repeatability of the ADC measurement, the...
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The role of standard non-ECG gated chest CT in cardiac assessment: design and rationale of the Cardiac Pathologies in standard chest CT (CaPaCT) study

The purpose of this observer blinded, single-centre study is to assess the visibility, management, and possible clinical impact of incidental cardiac pathologies that are now becoming visible on standard chest CTs. The data collected by two experienced, blinded...
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Optical imaging of the breast: evaluation of deoxyhemoglobin concentration alteration in 166 patients with suspicious breast lesions

This study investigates the performance of optical imaging evaluating deoxyhemoglobin concentration alteration (DeHCA) in breast tissues. The authors concluded that that DeHCA score was significantly higher in malignant than in benign lesions, but its accuracy was...
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3-T MRI implant safety: heat induction with new dual-channel radiofrequency transmission technology

This study aimed to investigate whether different transmission settings of the dual-transmit technology may influence the amount of heat induction around an implant material dependent on its location within the magnetic field. The study results indicated that...
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European Radiology Experimental now on PubMed

The ESR is delighted to inform you that European Radiology Experimental is now fully indexed on PubMed Central and can be viewed here!
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