US and CEUS for assessing ovarian protection in a murine model

US and CEUS were used to identify and characterise ovarian glands in murine models as a preliminary study for exploring the protective role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue (GnRH-a) on chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage.

Article: Contrast-enhanced ultrasound for ovary assessment in a murine model: preliminary findings on the protective role of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue from chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage

Authors: Massimo Venturini, Alice Bergamini, Laura Perani, Ana Maria Sanchez, Elena Giulia Rossi, Anna Colarieti, Micaela Petrone, Francesco De Cobelli, Alessandro Del Maschio, Paola ViganĂ², Giorgia Mangili, Massimo Candiani, Carlo Tacchetti, Antonio Esposito