Emphysema quantification by CT

To determine the influence of dose reduction and reconstruction methods on CT emphysema quantification, CT scans were performed on humans at routine radiation dose and at 45%, 60%, and 75% reduced radiation dose. Images were then reconstructed using filtered back projection, hybrid iterative reconstruction, or model-based iterative reconstruction. The results showed that CT emphysema quantification is affected by dose reduction and reconstruction methods.

Article: Emphysema quantification using chest CT: influence of radiation dose reduction and reconstruction technique

Authors: Annemarie M. den Harder, Erwin de Boer, Suzanne J. Lagerweij, Martijn F. Boomsma, Arnold M. R. Schilham, Martin J. Willemink, Julien Milles, Tim Leiner, Ricardo P. J. Budde and Pim A. de Jong