How to transform an imaging technique into a clinically relevant imaging biomarker?

The starting point of this editorial is the current establishment of quantitative imaging biomarker. The author outlines the transformation of a good imaging technique into a clinically significant imaging biomarker using the example of arterial spin labelling.

Key points:

  • Radiology is moving from pattern recognition by experts to a specialty based on the measurements of physical quantities
  • In order to move from pattern recognition to the scientific assessment of measurement techniques, new paradigms need to be followed
  • The two largest radiological associations in the world are leading the way through the establishment of dedicated committees working on this transformation
  • Arterial spin labelling (ASL), an MRI technique used for the measurements of perfusion, is proposed as a demonstration of what is needed to transform an imaging technique into a quantitative imaging biomarker

Article: The long and winding road to translation for imaging biomarker development: the case for arterial spin labelling (ASL)

Author: Xavier Golay