Meet the Editorial Board – Siegfried Trattnig

Meet Prof. Siegfried Trattnig, Full Professor of Radiology with Focus on High Field MR, and Director of the MR Center of Excellence at the Medical University of Vienna.


What is your special focus/expertise?
My special expertise is quantitative MSK imaging, in particular biochemical, compositional MR of cartilage, and tendons. In addition I do a lot of research in Ultra High Field MR (7 Tesla) in morphological, functional and metabolic MR in different regions of the human body.

How did you decide on your specialty?
quantitative imaging is highly exciting, since it offers the chance to get a deeper insight into ultrastructure of tissues in the human body and MR can offer methods for it. Furthermore it helps to improve quality in multicenter trials which will increase the acceptance of imaging biomarkers as a primary endpoint.

What is your message to potential authors? Do you have any tips?
Focus on basic as well as translational research in radiology, which will finally improve diagnosis of different diseases!