Reviewers of the Year – ECR 2022

The Editor in Chief, Francesco Sardanelli, is very grateful to congratulate the top reviewers during 2021 for their outstanding work in European Radiology Experimental:



Gianmarco Della Pepa (Milan, Italy)
with 17 completed reviews

Moreno Zanardo (Milan, Italy)
with 17 completed reviews

Patrizia Cornacchione (Rome, Italy)
with 12 completed reviews

Anna Colarieti (Milan, Italy)
with 11 completed reviews

Luca Melazzini (Pavia, Italy)
with 9 completed reviews

Salvatore Gitto (Milan, Italy)
with 8 completed reviews

The editorial team acknowledges with much gratitude the voluntary contribution as reviewer. Such high-quality reviews are essential for the promotion of advances in radiology and contribute to the growing reputation of European Radiology Experimental.