Multicolour imaging with spectral photon-counting CT

This research aimed to assess the possibility of multicolour quantitative imaging with spectral photon-counting computed tomography (SPCCT) of different mixed contrast agents. The results proved that SPCCT enables multicolour quantitative imaging and opened up the possibility of using a single scan for imaging of multiple uptake phases by injecting different contrast agents sequentially

Article: Multicolour imaging with spectral photon-counting CT: a phantom study

Authors: Salim Si-Mohamed, Daniel Bar-Ness, Monica Sigovan, Valérie Tatard-Leitman, David P. Cormode, Pratap C. Naha, Philippe Coulon, Lucie Rascle, Ewald Roessl, Michal Rokni, Ami Altman, Yoad Yagil, Loic Boussel and Philippe Douek